Application of products

Biodiesel is a fuel that is similar in nature to diesel fuel but is is produced from vegetable oil or animal fat mixxing with methanol in alkaline environment, thus reducing environmental pollution.

Agrochemical are chemicals used in agriculture such as fungicides and pesticides. These substances are used to control organisms harmful to plants.

The solvents used in the rubber industry mainly include Toluen, Xylene, Methanol, Acetone, ... Hai Ha Chemical Joint Stock Company specializes in importing, supplying and chemicals used in the industry. rubber industry.

Printing ink solvent is the type of chemical used to dilute or add other properties to ink such as adjusting viscosity, adhesion, rheology of ink, increasing gloss of ink, increasing the brightness of ink tones or control the drying speed of the ink.

Organic solvents used in the manufacture of adhesives are solvents used to dissolve adhesives. When connecting two objects together, the solvent evaporates to form adhesion.

Paint thinners are chemicals commonly used in almost all paints for dilution purposes, or add other properties to paints such as waterproofing, moss-proofing, anti-fouling, or want control the drying speed of paint ...

Producing pulp and paper, textile and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, detergents, food, cosmetics, petroleum industry, metallurgy, water treatment, artificial silk, epoxy resin manufacture,...