Company introduction

Foundation of Haihachem

Hai Ha Chemical Joint Stock Company (Haihachem) has been established on Jan25, 2018, located in the most favorable position  to EURO VIETNAM’s  port, in the Petrochemical Chemical Area of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ), this is the only liquid chemical port  in the North of Vietnam which is able to receive vessel  up to 20,000 DWT. Haihachem’s terminal has been designed and built by advanced technology with large capacity of tank storage system to import, store and distribute liquid chemicals.

Scope of Haihachem

Haihachem through its distribution network is able to supply chemical products including liquid caustic soda and organic solvents widely applied in various industries. Per inquiry, we are able to supply chemical products to customers through tank trucks, containers, iron drums and other containers. In order to fulfill customer’s demand for other related services, Haihachem also provides additional services such as rental of storage tank, logistics, packaging...

Commitment of Haihachem

Haihachem’s commitment is always to provide customers with chemical products and services at: HIGH QUALITY – REASONABLE PRICE - ON TIME DELIVERY. The satisfaction of customers is our business goal and mission.

Leadership team
Core values

Core value of Hai Ha Chemical Joint Stock Company:

 • Satisfaction: We always would like to bring satisfaction to our customers by HIGH QUALITY - REASONALBE PRICE - TIMELY DELIVERY.

 • Management: Developing advanced management system lean organization, unified process, and clear job responsibility.

 • Teamwork: Building a strong team based on respect of each other and mutual assistance, willing to listen, united, effectively to sort and set up works.

 • Ethics: Considering business ethics as the foundation and the key to business success.

 • Safety: Forming and nurturing the awareness of everyone in the company about ensuring the safety of each individual, the whole team and the customers.

Haihachem's core value

Company policy

In order to make the objective and vision to become a major focal enterprise providing liquid chemical products in Vietnam, be the leading value and brand company in the chemical industry, and to achieve sustainable growth, we have established a quality, safety and health, environment and social responsibility policy. This policy emphasizes that we are committed to complying with all local and national regulations and standards as well as international applicable regulations. Haihachem’s bussiness is always associated with environmental protection, concerned with the safety of the community and occupational health.

Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Social Responsibility Policy

 • Providing the best products and services to customers in terms of QUALITY - PRICE - DELIVERY on the basic of strict compliance with and fulfillment Government and Company standards and regulations.

 • Establishing system to manage, evaluate risks, prevent and quickly response chemical spill, prevent fire and explosion and then periodically carry out drill. There is also a process in place to update, train  practice and monitor compliance with applicable chemical safety regulations, waste control and environmental pollution prevention.

 • Establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the quality management system and company policy in response to changes in law and new technology.

 • Considering people are the most important factor, workforce training as foundation, teamwork is methods to build up a dynamic working environment. Efficiency of work is a measure of each member’s value.

 • Safety first, taking care of employee’s health, protecting customer’s health, environment. Actively contribute to community welfare, fully fulfill tax obligation to contribute to strong and prosperous development of the Country.