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Author: Admin | Date post: 13-12-2018

Favorable geographical position of Haihachem

Hai Ha Chemical Joint Stock Company (Haihachem) is located in the most favorable position to EURO VIETNAM’s port, in the Petrochemical Chemical Area of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ). EURO VIETNAM Jetty is the only liquid chemical port in the North of Vietnam which is able to receive vessel  up to 20,000 DWT.

Capacity of Haihachem chemical storage tank

Haihachem’s terminal has been designed and built by advanced technology with large capacity of tank storage system to import, store and distribute chemical solvents, caustic soda solution. We provide rental storage tank service of all sizes from small to large, safe and diverse including: 12 tanks with capacity from 100m³ - 1100m³ - 1650m³ - 4400m³, total capacity of tanks up to 24,000m³, Sheltered warehouse and dedicated yard for packaged chemicals.

Haihachem Chemical Storage tank

Hai Ha Chemical Company Storage Tank

Contact information Haihachem:

Address: Lot CN5.2Q, Petrochemical chemical Zone, Dinh Vu Industrial Park, Dong Hai 2, Hai An, Hai Phong, Vietnam

Phone number: 0225 883 2929