MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

Material safety data sheet

What is a chemical safety coupon?

A Material safety data sheets (MSDS), is a documents containing information about potential hazards (health, fire, reaction and environmental), specific properties of a certain chemical and ways to handle safely with it. It also contains information on the use, storage, handling and emergency procedures all related to the hazards of the material.

Content and purpose of MSDS

MSDSs are prepare by suppliers or material manufacturers. Its purpose is to tell what the hazards of the product are, how to safely use the product, what will happen if the recommendations are not followed, what to do if an accident occurs, how to identify exposure symptoms and what to do if such incidents occurs. MSDS is intended primarily for those who need to directly handle or work with the chemical, regardless of whether it is long-term or short-term sequences to work with it safely or the necessary processing when its effect.

Material safety data sheets of Hai Ha:

Product Groups
Product's name
Attached files
Hydrocarbon solvents
Hydrocarbon solvents
Chemical solvents
Chemical solvents
S-Butyl Acetate
Chemical solvents
N-Butyl Acetate
Chemical solvents
Ethyl Acetate
Chemical solvents
Methyl Acetate
Chemical solvents
Inorganic chemicals
Sodium Hydroxide NaOH 50%