Sodium Hydroxide NaOH 50%

What is Sodium hydroxide solution?

Sodium Hydroxide solution, is a highly alkali and caustic soda solution, corrode fabric, paper and skin, it also dissolves highly in water and generates a considerable amount of heat.

Uses of Caustic Soda NaOH

Caustic soda is used much in industries. Manufacturing of pulp and paper, textile dyeing, pharmaceuticals, Javel manufacture, soap production, food processing, cosmetics,  petroleum industry, metallurgy, water treatment, manufacturing artificial silk yarn, epoxy resin manufacture,...

NaOH Specification:





Appearance None Visual Clear
Density at 15°C g/cm­­3 GB/T 4472-2011 1.5222
Density at 40°C g/cm­­3 GB/T 4472-2011 1.5043
Density at 50°C g/cm­­3 GB/T 4472-2011 1.4971
NaOH %m/m GB/T 4348.1-2013 49.48
Na2CO3 %m/m SGS-CNO-M-017 0.019
Iron content Mg/kg ASTM E291-09 2.2
NaClO3 %m/m ASTM E1787-08 0.0018
NaCl Mg/kg ASTM E1787-08 69
Na2SO4 %m/m ASTM E1787-08 0.0027

Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS of NaOH